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Trauma-Attachment Tangle is available from Routledge also through Amazon.

           Trauma-Attachment Tangle


Trauma-Attachment Tangle offers informative and inspiring clinical stories of children who have complex trauma and attachment issues from experiences such as adoption, hospitalization, or death of a parent.  Some of these children display puzzling or extreme symptoms like prolonged tantrums, self-hatred, attacking their parents or being fearful of common things like lights, solid foods or clothing. Dr. Lovett presents strategies for unraveling the traumatic origins of children’s symptoms and gives a variety of tools for treating complex trauma and for promoting attunement and attachment.



Praise for Trauma-Attachment Tangle


"This lovely, sensitive account of how young children with seemingly intractable behavioral problems can find peace and a place in the world is a treasure for parents and clinicians alike.  Dr. Lovett uses case vignettes not only to describe what she does but also to explain her thought processes and the science behind her interventions.  Clinicians interested in her approach will find the latter part of the book especially helpful, with detailed instructions on how they can incorporate into their own practice the techniques Dr. Lovett uses so adroitly.  Parents will treasure her message of hope and find many valuable gems they can use to enhance their daily efforts to express their love and caring for even the most difficult children."


- Glen R. Elliott, PhD, MD, Chief Psychiatrist, Children's Health Council;  Clinical Professor (Affiliated) in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford School of Medicine



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